Sem (Georges M. Goursat) Caricatures

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Last Updated: 2022-10-21

Sem (1863–1934), né Georges Goursat, was a French illustrator and caricaturist who rose to fame during the Belle Époque. This collection is comprised of four volumes from the Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room. Le Vrai & le Faux Chic (1914), White Bottoms (ca. 1920), the self-titled SEM (ca. 1920) and Le Nouveau Monde (1925) affectionately and mercilessly document the Parisian high society of a bygone era, and showcase the wild and whimsical work of Sem.

The original materials are available in the Kenneth Franzheim II Rare Books Room, located within the William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, & Art Library.

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